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Laundry, Hospitality, Foodservice, Kitchen, Healthcare & Industrial | By Romy Apolega


Virtual Classes

In 2020, we held 5 virtual classes covering: laundry operations, troubleshooting problems, managing utilities, managing costs, and marketing. Please watch out this space as we prepare to roll out our 2021 training calendar. For more details, email

Corporate Training

Each company has its own requirements with regards to skills enhancement, service excellence, and operational improvements. Whether you’re in the hospitality, medical, or industrial field, you have your own unique needs that you would like to address.

Romy Apolega conducts specific corporate training that meets the needs of a company’s objectives. Materials are crafted and customized to the local audience, ensuring that a company’s employees find relevance and value with the training experience.


  • Training for new and regular personnel
    • Chemical training
    • Process training
    • Machine operations
    • Customer care
  • Utility costing
  • Marketing
  • Training for trainers
  • Interdependency
  • Laundry innovation and trends
  • Profitability

For inquiries, email

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