Low volume of walk-ins, weakened sales, higher cost of operation, hesitant customers — these are signs of a struggling laundry market. For many these days, these have been the day-to-day business challenges during this “New Normal” of the pandemic period. How do you turn things around?

During the four-part series The Laundry Masterclass my team organized in August, I lectured about the Triple R: Retool, Review, Recalibrate. We need to retool the business with new ideas, concepts, and execution to face the New Normal’s transformed reality. Business owners should review their understanding of the industry and laundry operations; there are a multitude of concepts and applications whose importance have resurfaced because of pivot towards safety and healthy. Finally, a recalibration of business operations is needed to survive. Needless to say, the Triple R approach is most applicable on how we promote our laundry services to customers, increase/optimize sales, and build the market.

With restrictions on mobility and lessened face-to-face interactions, many laundry owners are now left with digital marketing as the best tool to use to reach out to customers and promote their services.

On November 28 (Saturday, 2-4pm), Is It Clean? will be organizing “Digital Marketing 101 for Laundry Owners”, a virtual class tailored-fit to DIY, full-service, hybrid, and commercial laundry players. This will be a crash course that will deepen your understanding of digital marketing beyond the typical social media efforts you’re doing.

The webinar will tackle:

  • The digital customer journey
  • Website & SEO
  • Search ads
  • Social media
  • Strategies and tactics

Bonus Topic: I will also be discussing the topic “Increasing Sales through Supplementary Services” to give new ideas to laundry business owners about expanding existing offers.

You can register here: http://www.bit.ly/digitalmarketinglaundry.

As a treat, early bird registrations before October 20 can avail of the registration fee at only P490. On October 20 and beyond, the fee goes back to P690.

I look forward to seeing you there!